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Autumn is coming, what do you want to know about autumn?

Posted by on September 2, 2021

Autumn is one of the four seasons. It’s autumn, which means 蔡加赞 that the summer heat is over. You can put short-sleeved shorts and flip-flops away. Although the beginning of autumn does not mean that it will be cool soon, it is important to pay close attention to the weather. It’s as if the temperature difference between day and night is now so obvious.

The autumn breeze is refreshing, and the heat is gradually dissipated. Autumn is also a major season, so let’s talk about how to spend it safely.

1. You think it’s cool, but it’s not.

Autumn does not mean that summer will disappear immediately, but the temperature difference between day and night will become obvious. When you go to bed at night, you can take back the cool quilt in summer and replace it with a thicker quilt. Because now it is obvious that when you get up in the morning, your body will become cold, not the summer, but your body temperature can’t keep up with the outside temperature. Therefore, in the morning and evening, pay attention to keep warm, change the quilt, and dress with warmth.

2. Spring is sleepy and autumn is lack of summer and naps.

The temperature difference between day and night varies greatly, which can cause mental fatigue.

You can exercise more. Autumn does not have the cold of winter and the heat of summer. It is indeed a good time to exercise. Autumn sports can be walking, jogging, badminton, table tennis, these are autumn sports. But do a warm-up exercise before exercising in the morning and evening to prevent muscle strain or damage to your body.

Mental fatigue must be relieved by adequate sleep. The lunch break can relieve our fatigue. How long is a suitable lunch break? I usually think that 20-30 minutes can keep us awake in the afternoon to finish work or other things.

A nap can relieve physical and mental tension, and it can connect the past and the future throughout the day. Taking a nap can improve immunity and ensure a safe fall!

Autumn is here, what do you need to know about autumn?

3. Pay attention to the autumn diet

I heard from my grandfather that autumn is a good season for health preservation, and autumn is the season for nourishing the lungs.

It is easy to be irritable in autumn, so eating more foods such as white fungus, honey, peanuts, duck eggs, black bones, pears, etc. can play a soothing effect to a large extent. Learn and use now, don’t forget what we said above.

Avoid eating spicy and cold in autumn. It doesn’t mean that you don’t eat it at all, but you should eat less.

For example, for children, autumn is the season when diarrhea is easier. At this time, you need to eat more carrots and apples to supplement vitamins. You can also drink ginger tea to warm your stomach.

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