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There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss, whether it is difficult or not, dieters should not be ignorant of them

Posted by on August 12, 2021

Young and middle-aged women are undoubtedly the main force 蔡加赞 in weight loss. But now many popular methods are not advisable, such as skipping breakfast; skipping staple foods, only eating fruits; being vegetarian and skipping meat; two-day food on weekends; relying on certain weight-loss products and not eating whole grains.

There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss. It’s not hard to say that people who lose weight can’t help but know

Nowadays, obesity occurs in many people, and it is medically called simple obesity. The main reason is to eat more and exercise less. Therefore, the scientific way to lose weight can only be to control the calories in the diet and increase the amount of exercise. The calories in the diet come from protein, fat and carbohydrates. Scientific diet is to reduce the intake of these three nutrients and maintain a reasonable ratio of energy supply. At the same time, the various nutrients provided by the diet should meet people’s needs.

Incorrect weight loss methods may reduce your “fat”, but it may be because you lack some or some of the nutrients you need, due to lack of nutrition and damage your health.

The following is a common problem that should be paid attention to in the diet when losing weight:

1. In China, rice is the staple food with the highest calories, so dieters should first reduce their rice intake. For example, if you eat three small bowls of rice at dinner to feel full, you can only eat two and a half bowls or two bowls. The white-collar lady usually eats 100 grams a day.

2. What should I do if I feel hungry? One way is to use radish, pumpkin, or satiety mochi, sweet potato, and taro instead of a part of the staple rice noodles. Based on raw weight, four servings of sweet potatoes and other potatoes provide approximately the same calories as one serving of rice. You can use two servings of sweet potatoes instead of one serving of rice, which is equivalent to reducing the calories of one serving of rice with the same feeling of fullness.

There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss. It’s not hard to say that people who lose weight can’t help but know

3. Vegetables have a strong sense of satiety, and can also provide various minerals and vitamins that the body needs. People who lose weight should eat more vegetables, and the amount of vegetables eaten a day can exceed 500 grams. Celery, spinach, mushrooms, kelp, cucumber and winter melon are vegetables that are often eaten when losing weight.

4. Many people are obese because they eat too much high-fat animal food. Pork is a high-fat and high-calorie food. People who lose weight should avoid or eat less pork, especially fatty meat. You can use fish, fish, duck, or rabbit instead of pork. The fat content of pork is lower than that of pork.

5. Animal food should not be consumed too much. A white-collar male should generally not exceed 120-150 grams per day.

6. Fat is pure calorie food, so vegetable oil used for cooking should not exceed 10-15g per day. The cooking method should try to steam, boil, stew, and reduce frying and frying.

7. Eat less fried foods and high-sugar foods, such as kebabs, French fries, fried dough sticks, cakes and biscuits.

There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss. It’s not hard to say that people who lose weight can’t help but know

8. The dishes should be light, and the daily salt intake should not exceed 7-10 grams. Avoid salted duck eggs, sauced beef, pickles and other salty foods.

9. Fruits are rich in vitamins and have a strong feeling of fullness. People who lose weight should eat more than 300 grams of fresh fruit every day.

10. Foreign fast food contains more than three bowls of rice. Dieters should stay away from foreign fast food.

11. Almost all beverages on the market contain a lot of sugar and high calorie content. The calories of a can of Coca-Cola require you to move for 40 minutes to be consumed. Therefore, you should drink alcohol with caution and refuse to drink sugary drinks.

12. Eat less and don’t eat takeaway foods, because takeaway foods are almost always high-salt and high-oil foods.

13. Try to eat at home as much as possible. Eat fewer meals and more meals will make people eat more. If you eat too much for lunch in a restaurant, it is best not to eat on the day of dinner, at least not to eat only vegetables.

14. Adjusting eating behavior helps to lose weight. For example, if you don’t eat breakfast, you should eat breakfast; if you eat too fast, learn to swallow it slowly; drink soup after a meal, and drink soup before a meal; if dinner is too late, you should take it in advance; after dinner, I am used to sitting Watching TV on the sofa instead of taking a walk and so on.

If you are mildly obese or overweight, take a month to implement some of the above 14 suggestions. These suggestions are put forward by hundreds of young and middle-aged men and women I have guided and observed over the years. If you continue to stick to 6 From month to year, and doing more, 60% of overweight people may return to normal weight.

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