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How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Posted by on August 4, 2021

Guangdong Province has its own unique design style in terms of language customs, traditions, historical development and cultural construction, and is an important inheritance place of Lingnan culture.

Of course, the customs and culture of married life are also unique!

Let’s take a look at the wedding customs in Guangdong.


Engagement in Guangdong, commonly known as “too big gift”, is the most solemn ceremony, about 15 to 20 days before the wedding. Male families choose auspicious days and bring gift money and a variety of gifts to female families. Nowadays, due to the cumbersome and time-consuming traditional wedding ceremony, a complete set of “three books and six rituals” is rarely used.


In Guangdong’s marriage customs, heads are divided into male heads and female heads. Note that not only the head of a woman, but also the head of a man.

Woman on top

Before going to the head, take a bath with green grapefruit leaves, then put on brand new underwear and pajamas, and choose a window where you can see the moon. After lighting the dragon and phoenix candles, you must join the three bowls of dumplings, fruit, barbecue, and 鶏 to make a sincere sacrifice to the heavens. Prepare wooden combs and locust combs instead of pointed combs, sewing kits, and red scarves; dragon and phoenix scissors represent advantages, the ruler of children and grandchildren. The bright future of the mirror is the so-called “leading mirror, reaming ruler”. Female lucky top suit: (comb, grates, needle, thread, dragon and phoenix candle, dragon and phoenix scissors, mirror, red string, children’s ruler, etc.)

Man on top

You must also take a bath with green pomelo leaves before passing through, and then put on a brand-new underwear and pajamas. Taking its new start, three bowls of various glutinous rice balls (nine per bowl) and mirrors should be prepared before the case. , Red hair rope, sharp comb, descendant ruler, dragon and phoenix scissors, at the auspicious hour, the good-for-life person will go to the head (comb his hair), and sincerely pay homage to the sky. Joy. The man can use auspicious upper head suit: (point comb, mirror, dragon and phoenix candle, descendant ruler, red rope, dragon and phoenix scissors, etc.)

How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Ceremony to be done before the wedding

Engagement gift: Before the wedding, the man will go to the woman’s house and give her an engagement gift.

2. Settling the bed: The night before the wedding, the woman will find a blessed man to settle in the new bed in the new house, and put peanuts, red dates, walnuts and other foods that are good for early birth on the bedside.  3. Dowry: Before getting married, the bride will put the dowry prepared by her natal family in a red leather suitcase and wait until the next day to take it to her in-law’s house.

Figure 4. Head: On the eve of the wedding, I will choose an auspicious time to worship God, worship the world, pray for happiness, and notify the man to worship at the same time.

5. Combing hair: The bride will invite a blessed elder to comb her hair.

6. Eating glutinous rice balls: It means that we can get married and achieve happiness.

How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Ceremony on the wedding day

1. Wedding reception: On the morning of the wedding day, the man’s family reception team will go to the woman’s house to meet with the family.

2. Find red shoes: The groom usually finds the red shoes for the bride in the room where the bride is picked up. Only after the bride can wear it, can the Chinese bride not be taken away.

3. After arriving at the man’s house, the bride enters the man’s house with the help of a matchmaker (commonly known as “Dajin”)

4. After bowing down to their parents, the newlyweds will worship each other. Sister U keeps saying auspicious words and pays respects to the chapel before the other party worships. After the wedding, the couple started a new life.

How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Can you get the knowledge points~

Of course, this is just the general process of a Guangdong wedding, and specific places will have their own unique customs. In any case, newlyweds in Guangdong must take a good look!

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