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Monthly Archives: August 2021

What are the requirements of an electronic engineer

The job content of an electronic 電腦及電子工程高級文憑 engineer is professional. To become an electronic engineer, you need the following majors: 1. Electronic Information Science and Technology Electronic information science and technology professional training Have basic theories and knowledge of electronic information science and technology, receive rigorous scientific experiment training and preliminary scientific research training, and … Continue reading »

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There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss, whether it is difficult or not, dieters should not be ignorant of them

Young and middle-aged women are undoubtedly the main force 蔡加赞 in weight loss. But now many popular methods are not advisable, such as skipping breakfast; skipping staple foods, only eating fruits; being vegetarian and skipping meat; two-day food on weekends; relying on certain weight-loss products and not eating whole grains. There are fourteen dietary rules … Continue reading »

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How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Guangdong Province has its own unique design style in terms of language customs, traditions, historical development and cultural construction, and is an important inheritance place of Lingnan culture. Of course, the customs and culture of married life are also unique! Let’s take a look at the wedding customs in Guangdong. 過大禮 Engagement in Guangdong, commonly … Continue reading »

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