Autumn is coming, what do you want to know about autumn?

Autumn is one of the four seasons. It’s autumn, which means 蔡加赞 that the summer heat is over. You can put short-sleeved shorts and flip-flops away. Although the beginning of autumn does not mean that it will be cool soon, it is important to pay close attention to the weather. It’s as if the temperature difference between day and night is now so obvious.

The autumn breeze is refreshing, and the heat is gradually dissipated. Autumn is also a major season, so let’s talk about how to spend it safely.

1. You think it’s cool, but it’s not.

Autumn does not mean that summer will disappear immediately, but the temperature difference between day and night will become obvious. When you go to bed at night, you can take back the cool quilt in summer and replace it with a thicker quilt. Because now it is obvious that when you get up in the morning, your body will become cold, not the summer, but your body temperature can’t keep up with the outside temperature. Therefore, in the morning and evening, pay attention to keep warm, change the quilt, and dress with warmth.

2. Spring is sleepy and autumn is lack of summer and naps.

The temperature difference between day and night varies greatly, which can cause mental fatigue.

You can exercise more. Autumn does not have the cold of winter and the heat of summer. It is indeed a good time to exercise. Autumn sports can be walking, jogging, badminton, table tennis, these are autumn sports. But do a warm-up exercise before exercising in the morning and evening to prevent muscle strain or damage to your body.

Mental fatigue must be relieved by adequate sleep. The lunch break can relieve our fatigue. How long is a suitable lunch break? I usually think that 20-30 minutes can keep us awake in the afternoon to finish work or other things.

A nap can relieve physical and mental tension, and it can connect the past and the future throughout the day. Taking a nap can improve immunity and ensure a safe fall!

Autumn is here, what do you need to know about autumn?

3. Pay attention to the autumn diet

I heard from my grandfather that autumn is a good season for health preservation, and autumn is the season for nourishing the lungs.

It is easy to be irritable in autumn, so eating more foods such as white fungus, honey, peanuts, duck eggs, black bones, pears, etc. can play a soothing effect to a large extent. Learn and use now, don’t forget what we said above.

Avoid eating spicy and cold in autumn. It doesn’t mean that you don’t eat it at all, but you should eat less.

For example, for children, autumn is the season when diarrhea is easier. At this time, you need to eat more carrots and apples to supplement vitamins. You can also drink ginger tea to warm your stomach.

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What are the requirements of an electronic engineer

The job content of an electronic 電腦及電子工程高級文憑 engineer is professional. To become an electronic engineer, you need the following majors:

1. Electronic Information Science and Technology

Electronic information science and technology professional training Have basic theories and knowledge of electronic information science and technology, receive rigorous scientific experiment training and preliminary scientific research training, and be able to work in electronic information science and technology, computer science and technology and related fields and administrative departments Senior electronic information science and technology professionals engaged in scientific research, teaching, technology development, product design and production technology management.

Main courses: circuit analysis theory, electromagnetic theory, antenna principle, electronic circuit, digital circuit, algorithm and data structure, computer foundation, single chip microcomputer, signal and system analysis, arm embedded system, analog circuit, high frequency circuit, communication principle, etc.

2. Electronic Information Engineering

Electronic information engineering is a discipline that uses modern technologies such as computers to control and process electronic information. It mainly studies the acquisition and processing of information, as well as the design, development, application and integration of electronic equipment and information systems.

Main courses: Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, College Physics, Signals and Systems, College English, Professional English, Circuit Analysis, Fundamentals of Electronic Technology, C Language, High Frequency Electronic Technology, Electronic Measurement Technology, Communication Technology, Automation Detection technology, network and office package software comparison, multimedia technology, single-chip technology, electronic system design technology, electronic design automation technology, digital signal processing technology, etc.

3. Microelectronics Science and Engineering

The microelectronics science and engineering major has a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence and physical, with a solid mathematical foundation and basic theories of electronic technology, mastering the basic theories and methods of new-type microelectronic devices and integrated circuit analysis, design, and manufacturing; this major has good experimental skills and can Senior professionals engaged in scientific research, teaching, technology development, engineering technology, production management and administrative management in microelectronics and related fields.

Main courses: Advanced Mathematics, University Physics and Experiments, Circuit Analysis Fundamentals and Experiments, Analog Circuits and Experiments, Mathematical Physics Methods, C + + Language, Digital Circuits and Experiments, Signals and Systems and Experiments, Semiconductor Physics and Experiments, Solid State Electronics , Microelectronic devices, microelectronic integrated circuits, integrated circuit design and manufacturing, electronic design automation, integrated circuit cad, microelectronic technology experiment and integrated circuit technology practice.

4. Communication Engineering

This major learns the basic theories, principles and design methods of communication systems and networks, accepts basic training in communication engineering practice, and has the basic ability to design, develop, test and engineer modern communication systems and networks.

Main courses: Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, College Physics, Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis, Analog Electronic Circuits, Digital Electronic Technology, Communication Electronic Circuits, Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Waves, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Principles, Information Theory and coding, mobile communication, optical fiber communication, microwave technology and antennas, broadcast and television transmission technology, broadcast and television network technology, digital broadcast and television technology, etc.

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There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss, whether it is difficult or not, dieters should not be ignorant of them

Young and middle-aged women are undoubtedly the main force 蔡加赞 in weight loss. But now many popular methods are not advisable, such as skipping breakfast; skipping staple foods, only eating fruits; being vegetarian and skipping meat; two-day food on weekends; relying on certain weight-loss products and not eating whole grains.

There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss. It’s not hard to say that people who lose weight can’t help but know

Nowadays, obesity occurs in many people, and it is medically called simple obesity. The main reason is to eat more and exercise less. Therefore, the scientific way to lose weight can only be to control the calories in the diet and increase the amount of exercise. The calories in the diet come from protein, fat and carbohydrates. Scientific diet is to reduce the intake of these three nutrients and maintain a reasonable ratio of energy supply. At the same time, the various nutrients provided by the diet should meet people’s needs.

Incorrect weight loss methods may reduce your “fat”, but it may be because you lack some or some of the nutrients you need, due to lack of nutrition and damage your health.

The following is a common problem that should be paid attention to in the diet when losing weight:

1. In China, rice is the staple food with the highest calories, so dieters should first reduce their rice intake. For example, if you eat three small bowls of rice at dinner to feel full, you can only eat two and a half bowls or two bowls. The white-collar lady usually eats 100 grams a day.

2. What should I do if I feel hungry? One way is to use radish, pumpkin, or satiety mochi, sweet potato, and taro instead of a part of the staple rice noodles. Based on raw weight, four servings of sweet potatoes and other potatoes provide approximately the same calories as one serving of rice. You can use two servings of sweet potatoes instead of one serving of rice, which is equivalent to reducing the calories of one serving of rice with the same feeling of fullness.

There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss. It’s not hard to say that people who lose weight can’t help but know

3. Vegetables have a strong sense of satiety, and can also provide various minerals and vitamins that the body needs. People who lose weight should eat more vegetables, and the amount of vegetables eaten a day can exceed 500 grams. Celery, spinach, mushrooms, kelp, cucumber and winter melon are vegetables that are often eaten when losing weight.

4. Many people are obese because they eat too much high-fat animal food. Pork is a high-fat and high-calorie food. People who lose weight should avoid or eat less pork, especially fatty meat. You can use fish, fish, duck, or rabbit instead of pork. The fat content of pork is lower than that of pork.

5. Animal food should not be consumed too much. A white-collar male should generally not exceed 120-150 grams per day.

6. Fat is pure calorie food, so vegetable oil used for cooking should not exceed 10-15g per day. The cooking method should try to steam, boil, stew, and reduce frying and frying.

7. Eat less fried foods and high-sugar foods, such as kebabs, French fries, fried dough sticks, cakes and biscuits.

There are fourteen dietary rules for successful weight loss. It’s not hard to say that people who lose weight can’t help but know

8. The dishes should be light, and the daily salt intake should not exceed 7-10 grams. Avoid salted duck eggs, sauced beef, pickles and other salty foods.

9. Fruits are rich in vitamins and have a strong feeling of fullness. People who lose weight should eat more than 300 grams of fresh fruit every day.

10. Foreign fast food contains more than three bowls of rice. Dieters should stay away from foreign fast food.

11. Almost all beverages on the market contain a lot of sugar and high calorie content. The calories of a can of Coca-Cola require you to move for 40 minutes to be consumed. Therefore, you should drink alcohol with caution and refuse to drink sugary drinks.

12. Eat less and don’t eat takeaway foods, because takeaway foods are almost always high-salt and high-oil foods.

13. Try to eat at home as much as possible. Eat fewer meals and more meals will make people eat more. If you eat too much for lunch in a restaurant, it is best not to eat on the day of dinner, at least not to eat only vegetables.

14. Adjusting eating behavior helps to lose weight. For example, if you don’t eat breakfast, you should eat breakfast; if you eat too fast, learn to swallow it slowly; drink soup after a meal, and drink soup before a meal; if dinner is too late, you should take it in advance; after dinner, I am used to sitting Watching TV on the sofa instead of taking a walk and so on.

If you are mildly obese or overweight, take a month to implement some of the above 14 suggestions. These suggestions are put forward by hundreds of young and middle-aged men and women I have guided and observed over the years. If you continue to stick to 6 From month to year, and doing more, 60% of overweight people may return to normal weight.

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How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Guangdong Province has its own unique design style in terms of language customs, traditions, historical development and cultural construction, and is an important inheritance place of Lingnan culture.

Of course, the customs and culture of married life are also unique!

Let’s take a look at the wedding customs in Guangdong.


Engagement in Guangdong, commonly known as “too big gift”, is the most solemn ceremony, about 15 to 20 days before the wedding. Male families choose auspicious days and bring gift money and a variety of gifts to female families. Nowadays, due to the cumbersome and time-consuming traditional wedding ceremony, a complete set of “three books and six rituals” is rarely used.


In Guangdong’s marriage customs, heads are divided into male heads and female heads. Note that not only the head of a woman, but also the head of a man.

Woman on top

Before going to the head, take a bath with green grapefruit leaves, then put on brand new underwear and pajamas, and choose a window where you can see the moon. After lighting the dragon and phoenix candles, you must join the three bowls of dumplings, fruit, barbecue, and 鶏 to make a sincere sacrifice to the heavens. Prepare wooden combs and locust combs instead of pointed combs, sewing kits, and red scarves; dragon and phoenix scissors represent advantages, the ruler of children and grandchildren. The bright future of the mirror is the so-called “leading mirror, reaming ruler”. Female lucky top suit: (comb, grates, needle, thread, dragon and phoenix candle, dragon and phoenix scissors, mirror, red string, children’s ruler, etc.)

Man on top

You must also take a bath with green pomelo leaves before passing through, and then put on a brand-new underwear and pajamas. Taking its new start, three bowls of various glutinous rice balls (nine per bowl) and mirrors should be prepared before the case. , Red hair rope, sharp comb, descendant ruler, dragon and phoenix scissors, at the auspicious hour, the good-for-life person will go to the head (comb his hair), and sincerely pay homage to the sky. Joy. The man can use auspicious upper head suit: (point comb, mirror, dragon and phoenix candle, descendant ruler, red rope, dragon and phoenix scissors, etc.)

How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Ceremony to be done before the wedding

Engagement gift: Before the wedding, the man will go to the woman’s house and give her an engagement gift.

2. Settling the bed: The night before the wedding, the woman will find a blessed man to settle in the new bed in the new house, and put peanuts, red dates, walnuts and other foods that are good for early birth on the bedside.  3. Dowry: Before getting married, the bride will put the dowry prepared by her natal family in a red leather suitcase and wait until the next day to take it to her in-law’s house.

Figure 4. Head: On the eve of the wedding, I will choose an auspicious time to worship God, worship the world, pray for happiness, and notify the man to worship at the same time.

5. Combing hair: The bride will invite a blessed elder to comb her hair.

6. Eating glutinous rice balls: It means that we can get married and achieve happiness.

How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Ceremony on the wedding day

1. Wedding reception: On the morning of the wedding day, the man’s family reception team will go to the woman’s house to meet with the family.

2. Find red shoes: The groom usually finds the red shoes for the bride in the room where the bride is picked up. Only after the bride can wear it, can the Chinese bride not be taken away.

3. After arriving at the man’s house, the bride enters the man’s house with the help of a matchmaker (commonly known as “Dajin”)

4. After bowing down to their parents, the newlyweds will worship each other. Sister U keeps saying auspicious words and pays respects to the chapel before the other party worships. After the wedding, the couple started a new life.

How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? Are you aware of these special wedding customs?

Can you get the knowledge points~

Of course, this is just the general process of a Guangdong wedding, and specific places will have their own unique customs. In any case, newlyweds in Guangdong must take a good look!

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作好懷孕 準備也能減低自己將來成為媽媽後的恐懼及困難呢

另外,要注意的是,5種食物容易引起流產,孕媽媽不宜吃:蘆薈,螃蟹,甲魚,大麥,馬齒莧。 這時開始抽煙,喝酒,咖啡說不行。 同時,妊娠第17至30天是胎兒神經管發育的關鍵時期,葉酸可以降低胎兒脊柱裂或其他神經管缺陷的風險。 從計劃懷孕到懷孕前三個月,每天添加400微克葉酸。 綠葉蔬菜中葉酸含量最高,其次是肝髒,豆類和花生。

每日只需1粒,支持媽媽於懷孕 準備同哺乳期嘅免疫力,同時亦可為BB儲備足夠營養。

此外,血虛、貧血的孕婦,可多吃一些紅棗、枸杞、紅豆、動物血、肝髒等食物: 易疲勞、感冒的孕婦,可多吃一些黃芪、人參、花旗參等。懷孕的母親脾胃虛弱,可以吃一些懷孕的山藥、蓮子、白扁豆等來補脾胃。

懷孕 嘔吐:成功受孕後,則建議每天攝取600至800微克。準媽媽可從深綠色葉菜中吸收葉酸,如菠菜、菜心、西蘭花等。





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專家指出,冠心病並不是完全遺傳性的,但如果家庭中的父母患有冠心病,他們的孩子患冠心病的可能性是沒有冠心病的孩子的5-7倍,而且孩子會比父母早發病。 冠心病往往表現為家族性聚集,但這並不意味著有冠心病家族史的人肯定會患上冠心病。 冠心病的病因尚不清楚。 常思想,冠心病是多病因疾病,即多種因素作用於不同環節,這種因素稱為危險因素。 冠心病的危險因素有:

1. 平均年齡在40歲以上的人。 那臨床現實呢? 數據顯示,兒童早在3歲時就出現脂紋,並在青春期繼續生長,約10歲時出現冠狀動脈病變。 冠狀動脈粥樣硬化發現在77% 的死亡士兵 ,45%和5% 的死亡士兵。 最近的一項研究發現,沒有死於心髒病的年輕患者(平均年齡25.6歲)冠狀動脈粥樣硬化的發病率與韓國的相似: 78.3% 發現冠狀動脈粥樣硬化,20.7% 發現冠狀動脈狹窄超過50% ,9% 超過75%,20% 左右主要冠狀動脈疾病或兩個或更多冠狀動脈疾病。





5、吸煙 吸煙者比不吸煙者對於冠心病患者發病率和病死率明顯增高2~6倍,且與每日進行吸煙支數呈反比。

6.糖尿病患者的冠心病是非糖尿病患者的兩倍,女性的冠心病是女性的4.5倍。 許多糖尿病患者死於冠心病,因此糖尿病一直被認為是冠心病的風險。

除了上述六個危險因素,超重、體力活動少、經常有緊迫感的人,西方化的高熱量、高脂肪飲食、遺傳因素、微量營養素缺乏、缺氧、維生素 c 缺乏、飲食中缺乏抗氧化劑、體內鐵儲存過多、胰島素抵抗、血液中血管緊張素轉換酶基因過度表達、血液中凝血因子升高、血液中同型半胱氨酸增加都與 cad 有關。





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School atmosphere is very good and a sense of belonging

With the commencing, I had been anxious about building new friends; however, every person was friendly and welcoming. I have produced a group of good friends, that has felt like getting a household absent from home. The university has a lot more than one hundred societies, varying from pole dancing to baking, and thru them I used to be able to fulfill some pals who share precisely the same interests as me.

study in Hong Kong – PolyU is known as one of the best universities in Hong Kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you.

Additionally, my study course authorized me to gain function knowledge to jump-start my profession. I labored at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London being an associate for three months, gaining world-wide publicity and having a flavor on the real audit entire world. Although the very long hours were being rough, the encounter and classes figured out were being fruitful and useful.

Many international students come looking for the best universities to study in Hong Kong.

College existence is rather distinctive from school – you might have to get much more proactive. I had been so utilized to becoming spoon-fed at school that college at first came as being a shock to me. Nevertheless the university has constantly been supportive, and it offers me with direction and guidance each time I would like.

Want to study in Hong Kong. is the only institution which focuses on professional teacher education through academic and research programmes in Hong Kong.

I have skilled a great deal of new points by living in the metropolis. All the things is easily available, and i are actually capable to join neighborhood things to do this sort of as going for walks excursions and checking out the Christmas sector. Ultimately, having said that, my favorite issue is you will generally see a friendly face all over city.

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現在祛斑的方法有很多,主要有刷酸,微針,射頻儀器,激光儀器。 但是為了更有效的祛斑,你需要首先了解你臉上的斑點是如何形成的。





微針:微針是用來治療粉刺,痤瘡和醫學美容項目留下的表面疤痕的。 你可以選擇微針覆蓋脈沖光,去除皮膚斑點或較淺的斑點。



激光祛斑:皮秒(激光皮膚) ,c6,c8,白瓷… 是激光。 醫生會根據類型和顏色,大小,深度,選擇不同波長的激光,擊中皮膚。











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怎樣才能使自己變得更豐滿? 每天五招做,豐胸瘦身!




隨著年齡的增長,你的背部肌肉會慢慢缺乏收縮感,當你走路或站立時,你會習慣性地向前傾。 這是由於你背的年齡。






仰臥在床上,然後抬起上身,雙手像遊泳姿勢像劃船交替運動,每天晚上睡前運動15-20分鍾,可以起到很好的豐胸效果,也可以起到減肥的效果。 但也要記得睡覺時不要俯臥,防止壓迫胸部,否則會引起胸部變形。











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化工、生物、制藥行業是擁有屬性較強的行業,一般行業的 erp 系統根本不能滿足使用要求。 該系統不僅為普通客戶、供應商提供安全、高效的管理; 智能庫存系統; 體貼的文件輸出打印; 專業、精細的數據統計分析功能要求,它是一個多層次的數據庫,專業管理化工產品、化合物、智能包裝、多語言網站支持、 coa、 msds、圖集等技術文件管理行業的特色是迫切需要的。 基於這些特點,大多數化工、生物、制藥企業選擇倉儲價格化學作為 erp 解決方案,能夠根據企業的需求,在一套系統中解決所有的管理問題,實時數據共享,監控各個環節的運作與協作,利用現有資源,取得最佳的經濟效益。


要在如今競爭日趨激烈和複雜的商業環境中突圍而出,您需要採用一些系統來輕鬆簡化、自動化及調整規模。本文件將指導您如何選擇、實施及管理組織的 ERP 系統 (ERP system)。








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